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Minor Surgeries

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Minor Surgeries

Minor Surgeries services offered in Irving, TX

Minor surgery at Clinica Latina allows you to quickly get medical problems taken care of in a comfortable environment, eliminating the need for an emergency room or hospital visit. The clinic conveniently offers minor surgeries, such as abscess drainage, wart cauterization, nail removal, and minor wound sutures,  office in Irving, Texas. The staff speaks primarily Spanish and English fluently, so they can welcome patients from all backgrounds. Call the office or click the online scheduling link to make your appointment today. 

Minor Surgeries Q & A

What is minor surgery?

Minor surgery refers to surgical procedures performed inside the Clinica Latina office. Minor surgeries are a safe and simple alternative to going to a hospital or surgery center. They save you hours of time and are also very cost-effective. 

Clinica Latina makes minor surgery a comfortable experience using local anesthesia. Because minor surgeries don’t require sedation, you don’t need in-office monitoring and can return home immediately afterward.


What are the most common minor surgeries?

Clinica Latina regularly performs minor surgical procedures such as:

Wound closure

While superficial wounds can usually heal on their own, a wound that extends beyond the top skin layer may require minor surgery. Wound closure surgery involves suturing (stitching) the edges of the wound together so it can heal.

Abscess drainage

Abscesses are areas of skin swelling caused by pus buildup under the skin. They’re usually caused by bacterial infections. An abscess can be quite painful. The best course of treatment is usually incision (making a tiny opening in the skin to access the pus) and drainage (pulling the pus out) to relieve pain and start the healing process.

Wart removal

Warts, a manifestation of the human papillomavirus (HPV), can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. They can also spread, so removal is a good way to prevent issues. Wart cauterization involves using a heated probe to burn and destroy the wart. Cautery doesn’t harm healthy skin.

Nail removal

Ingrown and fungal nails may require nail removal if nonsurgical treatments like precise nail trimming or antifungal medications don’t work. Removing a problem nail allows you to grow a healthy new nail in time. 

Foreign object removal

When a foreign object like a wood or fiberglass splinter gets lodged in your skin, it can be painful and prevent you from using the affected part of your body. Clinica Latina offers expert foreign object removal in the office, with wound closure afterward if needed.

The clinic also performs other types of minor surgery, so don’t wait to reach out if you have an issue not listed above.


What happens after minor surgery?

After your minor surgery, you’ll receive detailed recovery directions, including the proper care of your wound. You may need to take antibiotics or another medication as you recover. Before you leave the office, you’ll schedule a follow-up to make sure you’re healing well. 

Clinica Latina makes minor surgery convenient and comfortable. Call the office or book your appointment online today.