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Family Medicine

Family Medicine and Primary Care & Laboratory Services in Irving, TX
Family Medicine

Family Medicine services offered in Irving, TX

At Clinica Latina, family medicine covers comprehensive primary care for all the members of your family, including adults of all ages and children starting at age 3. Our office in Irving, Texas, the experienced family medicine experts can diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases of all types while also helping your family achieve the best health and preventing medical complications. Providers at the primarily Spanish-speaking practice also speak fluent English to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of patients. Call the office or book your appointment through online scheduling now.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is comprehensive medical care for the whole family. Clinica Latina welcomes children aged 3 and older and adults of all ages. The highly experienced family medicine experts look after all your family’s medical care needs, both in times of sickness and good health.


What services does family medicine include?

Clinica Latina provides all-encompassing family medicine, including:

Injury treatment

The clinic offers treatment for injuries such as burns, cuts, and sprains on an urgent care basis.

Illness treatment 

Clinica Latina treats all types of illnesses, including colds, flu, ear infections, strep throat, urinary tract infections, and other conditions in the office on an urgent care basis.  

Chronic disease care

Chronic diseases affect about 60% of all Americans, and Hispanic patients are more likely to experience severe disease outcomes than their Caucasian counterparts. So, it’s particularly important to get expert care. 

The clinic diagnoses and treats chronic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid disorders, and others, to help you better control your health. Clinica Latina works with specialists as needed to monitor your disease and administer ongoing care.

Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine keeps you from getting sick. Some of the steps you can take to stay well include routine physicals, immunizations, blood pressure checks, diabetes testing, and other preventive testing like cancer screenings. Women also need specific tests, like Pap smears. 

Bloodwork and imaging

You may need blood work if you’re ill, injured, or have a chronic disease. Blood work can reveal valuable information about your body and health. The blood draw process uses a very thin needle, and it’s a quick pinch that lasts a second. The clinic also offers diagnostic imaging, like abdominal and thyroid ultrasounds.

Your family can count on Clinica Latina for all your medical needs other than emergency care, which requires a 911 call or visit to the nearest emergency room. Should you need specialist care, Clinica Latina provides a referral to a trusted expert who can treat your issue effectively as the clinic co-manages your care.


How often should I schedule family medicine for my family?

All members of your family need annual physicals to monitor health and detect problems early. The clinic also welcomes your family anytime you or a loved one is injured or ill or needs help with chronic disease management. 

Call Clinica Latina or click the online scheduling feature for expert family medicine care today.